July – November 2021, every last Friday of the month
(Korea Standard Time (KST): 20:00 – 24:00)

WELCOME K-STAGE is the new online program of 2021 WELCOME DAEHAKRO, inviting you to enjoy top Korean performances online from anywhere in the world. We invite audience members to preview various genres of performances which will be available in 2022 in Korea. Welcome to the special online stage! WELCOME K-STAGE will provide a full video of performances from 20:00 to 24:00 KST every last Friday of the month from July to November 2021.

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Performance introduction

WELCOME K-STAGE July Performances The Adventure of the Final Problem Live on YouTube : 8 PM~12 AM(KST), July 30, Friday "The story about Sherlock Holmes, and Arthur Conan Doyle, the man who brings him to life."

Arthur Conan Doyle opened his doctor's clinic, but it did not go as well as he had expected. He thus decides to start writing as he always dreamed of becoming a writer. However, he is not successful as a writer, either. He is so disappointed, feeling he is not welcome anywhere. In the meantime, as he is seeking intriguing stories to attract people, he encounters some detective stories, and he becomes completely fascinated. A perfect detective who could twist criminals around his finger, while solving numerous cases that are currently taking place in the city...it's as if he exists in real life! That is how he created Sherlock Holmes.

Arthur Conan Doyle enjoyed success as the writer of Sherlock Holmes, the perfect detective Doyle brought to life. The Adventure of the Final Problem is the musical adaptation of the novel with the same title in which Sherlock Holmes dies. (“The Adventure of the Final Problem” is the last case in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, a collection of short stories published in The Strand Magazine in December 1893.) ■ Starring: Kim Jong-goo, Jung-min

The Adventure of the Final Problem
  • The Adventure of the Final Problem
  • The Adventure of the Final Problem
  • The Adventure of the Final Problem