Performance Highlights

Musical Prison is a live performance. It fully incorporates the characteristics and responses of actors and audience members, maximizing the fun and laughter. 
Furthermore, actors with excellent musical talent and a good understanding of musicals fill the theater with various musical numbers. 
The musical actively invites audience members to participate in the story. Thus, the audience breathes along with the performance. 
The performance becomes more dramatic as scenes are quickly changed and the stage is converted. 
The musical is filled with everyone’s likable lines and drama features that will capture audience members of all generations from 7-year-old children, to teenagers, to young adults, to adults and seniors. 

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Performance Information

Title : Prison
Genre : Musical
Schedule : OPEN RUN
(Fri 19:30 / Sat, Sun 15:00)
Venue : H Theater (B1, 54, Ihwajang-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Price : All seats 50,000 won
Content Rating : Age 7+
Run Time : 100 Minutes : [□Intermission ■No Intermission] 

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