Performance Highlights

-The performance booking rate instantly reached the number one spot when tickets went on sale each season from its 2012 premiere to the fifth season in 2020!
-License agreement with the Toho Entertainment of Japan in 2014
-License agreement with Chinese production company Focustage in 2018

From Hans' version that premiered in 2012 to Jonas' version in 2020
This is the legendary hit performance on Daehakro, with paid attendance rate of over 80% every season and the number one booking rate!
The performance opens its doors to a new genre -- psychological mystery thriller musical.
This legendary original musical has been a success in three Asian countries, Korea, China, and Japan!
The beginning of a new "psychological mystery thriller" with literary and commercial value along with mass appeal and universality! 

This is an encore performance of Jonas’ version of Black Mary Poppins, Korea’s top psychological mystery thriller musical, following the success of Hans’ and Hermann’s versions!
The imagination that overturned the lovely story of Mary Poppins shocked Korea. The direction, completeness, music, and stage implementation proved various artistic implementation of an original musical and created a completely new psychological mystery thriller musical, the Black Mary Poppins!

Black Mary Poppins returned in 2020 to tell the story from the perspective of Jonas, following Hans’ and Hermann’s versions. The fame of the performance led to over a 90% paid attendance rate for the season, creating another legendary commercial success. In the fifth season, all the existing framework of the musical was kept unchanged, but the narration of the incident and memory develops from Jonas’ perspective. Black Mary Poppins with a fresh shocking twist returns with an invitation to “WELCOME THEATER” at WELCOME DAEHAKRO in November 2021.

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Performance Information

Genre : Musical
Schedule : 2021.11.02~2021.11.14
Venue : Seokyeong University Arts Center SKON 1 (148, Dongsung-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Price : R Seat 66,000 won / S Seat 44,000 won
Content Rating : Age 15+
Run Time : 100 Minutes : [□Intermission ■No Intermission] 

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