Arirang Together



iBi Arts Middle School, Traditional Korean Music, Gugak Dept. 
Some students are held together through music just like two hands on a piano. 
Their relationship is as tight as five fingers on a hand. They want to protect the dwindling reputation of the Gugak Department. 
On a lonely but peaceful day, Seo Irang gets transferred to the school because the number of applicants had failed to meet the quorum. She knows nothing about the gugak but it does not stop her from causing trouble in every way…
To make matters worse, the School Board decides to close the Gugak Department, which had no visible performances and no applicants. 
The students are not ready to part from their music and friends. They plan to participate in the National Arirang Competition as a team, and named themselves the iBi Arts Middle School Gugak Department. Their plan is to become the youngest winners of the best award, which they believe an ambitious plan like this would stop the school from closing down the Gugak Department…
Can the students play chords and create harmonious rhythm with the uncooperative Seo Irang to protect the Gugak Department's reputation, which has been built over the years? 

Performance Characteristics

Blended well with the story! Let’s find the meaning of Arirang through the eyes of children!
Arirang has always been with us, whether it be a separation, an encounter, or at the moment when we realize we were together. 
The spirit of Arirang that has consoled us through love and joy, separation and sorrow, is narrated by the students in their language. 
Children grow up learning love, joy, sorrow, and separation.


Title : Arirang Together
Genre : Traditional Music Performance
Dates : 2020. 10. 06 - 2020. 10. 11
Wed, Thu 20:00
Venue : Yerimdang Art Hall (2F Dongyoung Culture Center, 337, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Prices : All seats 15,000won
Running Time : 60mins [intermission □yes ■no]
Content Rating : Age 8+ (pre-school children are not admitted)
Cast : Park Chanyang / Lee Kyungsoo / Seo Inkwon / Lim Sangsook / Jung Dongyeon / Yoon Heeyeon / Lee Sooa
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