The beauty salon Shear Madness, and murder

A busy beauty salon, “Shear Madness” is involved in unexpected trouble! 
A murder occurs in the apartment above the salon. The murderer must be found! 
The murder victim, a once famous pianist by the name of Beyer Ha, is the tenant who lives upstairs.

Detectives go undercover as beauty salon guests to spot people who look like suspects. Audience members become the jury panel and witnesses, backtracking what suspects did.

Four suspects defend themselves with perfect and detailed alibis. The suspects are salon owner Cho Ho-jin (George), beautician Jang Mi-sook (Suji), a rich housewife named Han Bo-hyeon who is a regular, and an antique dealer Oh Jun-su. The murderer is right here! In this salon! Only you can catch the murderer of the day at this very moment! 

Who will you choose?

Performance Characteristics

Shear Madness (originally written by Paul Pörtner, and directed by Seo Sung-jong) is a steady performance that is staged every day in 22 cities all over the world since its premier in Boston in 1980. It holds the Guinness Record for America’s Longest-Running Play Ever.

In Korea, Shear Madness was licensed and premiered in 2006. It was the first performance that adopted a unique immersive style where audiences could participate in the performance. The play added some new touches in 2015. Shear Madness performed at the Kontentz Box in Daehakro is a unique comedic mystery drama where audiences are invited to investigate a murder case that occurred in the apartment above the noisy and busy beauty salon Shear Madness.


Genre : Play
Dates : 2020. 04. 03 ~ 2020. 12. 31
Tue – Fri 20:00 / Sat 16:00, 19:00 / Sun 15:00 
* Closed on Mondays
* 2020. 09. 30 (Wed) 15:00, 18:00
Venue : Daehakro Kontentz Box (B1 Daehak Bldg., 55, Dongsung-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Prices : All seats 35,000won
Running Time : 110mins [intermission □ yes ■ no]
Content Rating : Age 16+
Cast : Im Jungkyun / Lee Seungjin / Jin Hyewon / Choi Yoonyeoung / Kim Bunyoung / Kwon Youngmin / Kim Yuri / Kim Ahra / Kim Kyungho / Im Suhyung / Lee Ingyu / Ji Yeoungho
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