I Remember Myself Now



Can we face our true selves and the reality of me at this moment? 
30 minutes before the show, the audience enters. 
Among the audience are the director and the actress whom the director is considering to cast for the new performance. The students from the director’s class absent mindedly enter the theater as well. Their assignment is to watch the play. 
The show will start soon. 
Suddenly, someone loses their mobile phone at the lobby restroom. The phone is lost but nobody took it. The audience quarrels over the incident, which gets so serious that the police has to come. No one knows the truth
On stage, a mime wears numerous masks as if telling a story within a story. The mime changes masks and does not know if the masked face is his or her own or if the face under the mask his or her own.

Performance Characteristics

1. The play raises the question of “What is the truth?” based on the subject of “Who am I?” 
I Remember Myself Now blurs the line between reality and play, truth and fiction, and raises the question of Who Am I? It is the question asked by all people and it is the underlying philosophical question. The play is told in layers in which each will give the audience a new-found pleasure.
The question of Who Am I is the eternal truth and it's a question raised by many stage plays and by many religions and philosophers. The story of theater, audience, director, actor, and writer, is linked to a play outside the play. This performance has an interesting structure that answers the grave question of Who Am I and presents the audience with a fantastic and harmonizing experience. 
2. A play within a play, a movie outside a play. I Remember Myself Now is a special performance where the audience can watch two art genres, play and film, in one seating. 
I Remember Myself Now is a new stage play concept where three plays are linked both internally and externally. The mime performance within the play is an adaptation of Marcel Marceau’s The Mask Maker. The audience will be able to enjoy the first story and the dialogue between the characters, they will also like the second play, which is linked to the first story. 
I Remember Myself Now started as a one-act play titled "Who Is it?" at the 2nd Nojak Hong Sa-yong One-act Play Festival where it won Best Screenplay. It was re-written into a 90-minute performance and will present new characteristics and charms that are a cross between play and reality. 
- Don’t miss the 30-minute short film titled "Who Is It?" filmed by the same actors and director of the play. The audience can watch the short film after every stage performance. It will be a satisfying experience to compare the difference between how the stage play and the film deal with fiction.


Title : I Remember Myself Now
Genre : Play
Dates : 2020. 10. 17 ~ 2020. 10. 25 
Tue – Fri 19:30 / Sat, Sun 15:00 
* Closed on Mon
Venue : Sundol Theatre (B1, 5, Hyehwa-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Prices : All seats 30,000 won
Running Time : 140 min. [Performance : 90 min / Intermission: 10 min / Film: 40 min]
Content Rating : Age 15+
Cast : Chae Seunghye / Kim Taewoo / Koo Jaseung / Lee Rang / Na Jongmin / Zia / Jo Juhyeon / Ha Jiwoong / Chang Haran / Kang Dongsoo
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