JUMP is a story of a traditional Korean family!
The family consists of a grandfather, an uncle who is a thirsty soul, and a mother who is a taekwondo master. The daughter's suitor has a secret related to his glasses.
All members of the family are masters of martial arts such as taekwondo and taekkyeon, and expert gymnasts. The family shows off their special skills by fighting matches with each other.
One night, two burglars break in, not knowing whose home they are about to mess with. Enjoy this comedic martial art style spectacle with eye-catching acrobatics. The essence of a slapstick comedy by martial art masters and miserable burglars in the middle of the night is sure to be a hit.

Performance Characteristics

JUMP has become a worldwide sensation! 
Since its premiere in July 2003, the non-verbal martial arts comedy, JUMP, has been loved by audiences in Korea and abroad. JUMP recorded no.1 ticket sales at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the UK for two consecutive years. All JUMP shows were sold out at the Peacock Theater in West End, London, the home of musical performances. JUMP is breaking remarkable records everywhere they go.

This is JUMP!
Oriental martial arts including taekwondo, taekkyeon, and acrobatic movements that leap high into the air will make the audience shudder with awe. It is unbelievable that the stunts are performed live and vividly right before the audience. 

Didn’t know taekwondo was so much fun!
JUMP mixes taekwondo and oriental martial arts, such as taekkyeon, with advanced acrobatics movements that maximize physical beauty to create a spectacular and exciting martial arts performance. 

Forget the typical non-verbal performance!
JUMP is based on a familiar family setting with colorful and odd characters. It has a comedic setting with various episodes like a sitcom. Drama is stronger than other performances, and the comedic elements will make audiences laugh out loud as this non-verbal performance has no language or nationality barriers.


Title : JUMP
Genre : Non-verbal
Dates : 2020. 10. 15
Thu 13:30, 20:00
Venue : Ulju Culture and Art Center(36, Cheonsangjungang-gil, Beomseo-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan)
Ticket Prices : All seats 15,000won
Running Time : 80mins [intermission □yes ■no]
Content Rating : 36 months+
Cast : Yoon Hyosang, Lee Wonyoung, Heo Sol, Lee Woobok, Ahn Hyeran, Kim Minsung, Yang Ekwan, Kim Saeyup, Oh Sungmoon 
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