MUSICAL <PAIKBUM, the Unaccomplished Wish>



The musical Paikbum chronicles the 70 eventful years of the statesman Kim Koo's life. 
Act 1 deals with a major portion of his Baekbeomilji (autobiography), which starts from his boyhood until Korea’s emancipation. The impressionable moments and the numerous people he meet are depicted as a panorama. He was a boy who questioned his social status and resented the world. He was a young man who couldn’t stand injustice and changed into the murderer of the queen. He went to China and fought for the independence of Korea leveraging his ties with many people of various backgrounds. And finally the moment when his country becomes independent. 
Act 2 deals with a different struggle during the last four years of his life until he died a tragic death. Kim Koo was heartbroken to see the emancipated and liberated country torn apart by the ideology of world powers. The tough old man who fought with all his might to avoid division, unexpectedly dies by gunshot. His wishes remain unaccomplished even to this day, 70 years after his death.
The musical Paikbum presents a chance for the audience to look back on the history of Korea through the life of the man who fought a fierce fight. The musical delivers a message that still influences the people of our time. 

Performance Characteristics

Each and every ordinary man is Paikbum!

Paikbum was Kim Koo's penname, and he used to wish that all his countrymen, from butchers at the lowest rank (Paik) to all ordinary man (bum), would be as loving and caring of our mother country as he was. 
Born during the darkest and most chaotic period, he dreamed of a world where no one is discriminated against because of the social status they were born into. He dreamed of a world free and independent, of a world not divided by ideology. 

The original musical Paikbum talks about his wishes, which have not yet been accomplished. 

Just as he wished that all men were a Paikbum, every actor plays Kim Koo. 18 actors regardless of their gender play Paikbum at different stages of his life. 

The long journey of Paikbum Kim Koo’s life. The man who did not stop resisting oppression and the people who accompanied him during these chaotic times will unfold on-stage through powerful raps and fascinating performances.


Title : MUSICAL <PAIKBUM, the Unaccomplished Wish>
Genre : Musical
Dates : 2020. 09. 10 - 2020. 10. 04
Tue, Wed, Fri 20:00 / Thu, Sat, Sun 14:00
* Closed on Mon
No showings on 2020. 09. 30 (Wed) / 2020. 10. 01 (Thu) 
** Performance on 2020. 09. 10 (Thu) 20:00
Venue : Theater Yong at the National Museum of Korea (137, Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Prices : VIP seat 99,000won / R seat 77,000won / S seat 55,000won / A seat 33,000won
Running Time : 150 mins [intermission □ yes ■ no]
Content Rating : Age 8+ (Pre-school children not allowed)
Cast : Kim Myunghee / Chae Taein / Kwon Sangseok / Choi Hyunsun / Lee Jungsu / Min Junho / Yu Shin / Youn Youkyung / Song Imkyu / Yoon Ziin / Kim Seungyong / Jin Taehwa / Kim Dakyung / Kim Seoan / Namgung Hyein / Jang Jaewoong / Jeong Wonchul / Sin Eunchong
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