The Stage



The members of the boy group Aura include Geo, Chan, Jay, and Jean and they all have different personalities. They are training rigorously for their final stage test presentation, which will be performed in front of the investor. They have already lost many other debut opportunities.
They failed the presentation again. The investor tells the team leader, Yoon Se-hee, that the group's dancing is not captivating and the team lacks a main vocal. He warns that he will withdraw his investment if there is no improvement. 
After serious deliberation, Yoon Se-hee meets Hoon who was formerly the main vocal of the team and had trained for the debut. He had left the team and is currently working at a convenience store. 
Frustrated with trying to become a star, Hoon refuses Yoon's proposal to rejoin the team. However, in the end he accepts the offer and goes back on the team. Chan, Jay and Jean awkwardly welcome Hoon. Geo does not hide his hostility thinking it was the leader Hoon’s fault that they could not make it into the debut. 
Hoon tries hard not to repeat his mistakes and wins the heart of the other members. But Geo does not open his mind. Can Aura make it to their debut…? 

Performance Characteristics

K-POPSICAL, a new genre combining K-POP and Musical
Enjoy the best K-POP music and group dances that are in perfect sync on stage at Daehakro. The actors and musical actors were trained and performed together as members of idol groups. All the numbers are K-POP. Plus, the songs and lyrics, which are written by the team, will be released to digital. 
Approximately 60,000 teen-age kids start the challenge of becoming an idol star… and only 1% of them will form a team and make it to their debut…less than 0.1% of the team will receive fame and success on the spectacular stage…. 
The world of idol groups resembles a merciless war of unlimited competition. The stories you don’t want to know, the pain behind the glamour, and the complicated and knotty relationship between trainees. The Stage shows the difficult process idol wannabes go through to debut as a boy group. A spectacular stage, cheers and applause, and the blinding flash of the camera do not come true just by dreaming. The Stage shows that only an undying passion and hard work will lead to something special. Starting from Daehakro, K-POPSICAL will bring Hallyu performances to the world.


Title : The Stage
Genre : Musical
Dates : 2020. 08. 25 ~ 2020. 11. 08 
Tue~Fri 20:00 / Sat 15:00, 19:00 / Sun 15:00
* No show on Mondays
Venue : SH Art Hall (SH Art Hall, 25, Dongsung-gil, Jongno-g8u, Seoul)
Ticket Prices : 1F seat 55,000 won / 2F seat 45,000 won
Running Time : 85mins [intermission □yes ■no]
Content Rating : Age 8+
Cast : Song Jaeho / Kim Dongjun / Seo Wooyeon / Kim Yejoon / Cho Dawon / Choi Changwook / Ji Jinseok / Yu Juwon / Kim Yuhyeon / Doori / Shin Junchul / Kwon Sebong
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