Only You



A total of 8 ancestral rites have to be prepared and performed every year!
Pil-rye, accompanied by her husband Bong-sik as the porter, goes to the market to shop for items needed for yet another rite. Bong-sik feels embarrassed when Pil-rye tries to save as much money as possible by asking for a mere 5 cents discount on bean sprouts.
The quarrel over a mere 50 cents escalates into a huge fight where Pil-rye drinks up a bottle of the ancestral liquor and she finally says she wants a divorce. 
Brusque and short-tempered Bong-sik and temperamental Pil-rye are fighters from Gyeongsang-do province.
Can the couple save their 37-year-long relationship and continue their marriage?

Performance Characteristics

A well-made contemporary musical for all generations

A marriage preview vs. a marriage rerun

This drama-like omnibus musical “ONLY YOU” depicts the life-long marriage of an ordinary couple. The musical looks back on their marriage from their first 5 years to their 37th year. The couple from Gyeongsang-do province tell stories of conjugal love, money and their children. Instead of using musical numbers, the musical features famous K-pop songs, which is a lot more entertaining to audience members. As foreign language subtitles are available to international audiences, this musical is highly acclaimed by international viewers.

The winner of the Clean Content Award
The winner of the Popular Culture Award at the 2017 Korean Wave Awards


Title : Only You
Genre : Musical
Dates : OPEN RUN
Wed, Thu, Fri 20:00 / Sat 15:00. 18:30 / Sun 15:00
* Closed on Mon, Tue 
Venue : JTN Art Hall 3 (26, Ihwajang-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Prices : All seats 50,000 won
Running Time : 120 mins [intermission □ yes ■ no]
Content Rating : Age 8+
Cast : Jang Inhyun / Park Minseung / Park Joonsung / Cho Yungim / Choi Soyoung / Hong Gagyeong / Choi Sungae / Son Yeseul / Cho Yunyoung / Kim Dongwon / Lee Hwan / Yoon Jinsik
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