Finding Mr. Destiny



Do you believe in fateful love? 
A special journey now begins to find Mr. Destiny!

On her trip to India, the leading lady meets Kim Jong-wook, a perfectly handsome guy with a chin carved at a lonely angle, and a nose that shows a sharp sense of intelligence. 
From their first encounter on the plane to their second encounter in the desert in India – this is destiny! The heroine falls in love with Kim Jong-wook but they separate ways after returning from India.
9 years later, our heroine still cannot forget her first love Kim Jong-wook. She ends up searching for him through Find Your First Love Inc., but there is one secret she has not shared with anyone…
“What is his name?” – “Kim Jong-wook.”
“How old is he?” – “I do not know.”
“Where does he live?” – “I don’t know.”
“His phone num..” – “I don’t know.”

She knows nothing but his name Kim Jong-wook!!! 
Find Your First Love Inc., must find their first client's first love.
Can she meet her first love Kim Jong-wook again?

Performance Characteristics

The iconic first love story celebrating its 14th anniversary, the musical Finding Mr. Destiny was made into a movie starring Gong Yoo and Im Soo-jung. It was also made into a novel that proved its literary value and popularity. 
Since its premier in 2006, the musical was chosen by 1.2 million audience members and has become the best romantic comedy musical on Daehakro. The musical has been performed with subtitles in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English since 2017 and has been acknowledged as the most well-known Hallyu musical content. 

A first-love story that emotionally attracts audiences
The musical Finding Mr. Destiny uses "first loves" as a relatable subject, which can present audiences with both familiar and touching moments. The romance is special and beautiful throughout with a variety of music that completes the story. 
The performance will bring up the agony of love, a familiar subject to many people. Plus, the timing of love will be touching giving audiences the opportunity to look back on their moments of first love. 
The musical Finding Mr. Destiny will present relatable moments of first love that will bring back memories and illicit laughter from all audience members regardless of nationality and generation.


Title : Finding Mr. Destiny
Genre : Musical
Dates : OPEN RUN
Mon~Fri 14:00, 17:00, 20:00
Sat, Sun 13:00, 15:10, 17:20, 19:30
Venue : Daehakro Culture Space NU (73, Daehak-ro 12-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Prices : All seats 45,000won
Running Time : 100mins [intermission □yes ■no]
Content Rating : Age 8+
Cast : Jung Seunghwan, Jung Jaehwan, Kim Dohyun, Kim Taeyoon, Jo Yeonhwa, Kim Yoojin, Kim Jieun, Kim Jaehee, Kim Jinwoo, Moon Junhyuk, Lim Taeyang, Son Youngwoo
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