High school girl Yun A-ee, has no parents and lives with her sister in a small room. She lives on government subsidy and the money she makes from a part-time job. She once dreamed of becoming a magician but it is now nothing but a crushed dream when she has to live from day to day. With a brilliant mind that ranks in the top 0.01% in Korea, Na Il-deung is a handsome student born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He wants to be a judge or a prosecutor and become a nice rich man.
One day, a man who claims to be a real magician appearsin front of the two characters. Yun A-ee and Na Ildeung are both confused and excited.!

Performance Characteristics

Annara Sumanara is based on a popular webtoon by the famous webtoon creator Ha Il-kwon. 
The play creates a fantastic and dreamlike atmosphere, giving the audience both joy and heart-touching messages. Meet Annara Sumanara and experience the unique charms of theater performance.


Genre : Play
Dates : OPEN RUN
Sat, Sun 15:00 
* Closed on Mon-Fri
Venue : Up Stage (B1, 41, Dongsung-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Prices : All seats 14,000 won
Running Time : 90 mins [intermission □ yes ■ no]
Content Rating : Ages 11+
Cast : Yeom Youbin / Lee Junho / Park Shinyoung / Han Chaebin / Lee Juseung / Han Heedo / Ye Yang / Jang Yoon
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