In a small legendary kingdom where everyone is happy, one man has an agonizing concern. That man is the ruler of this kingdom! He has lived all his life for the peace and happiness of his people and now he is left with four reckless princesses and a limited time to live. The king’s last wish is to see his daughters happily married. Will he be able to find nice husbands for his princesses?
The king’s servants find princesses hiding among audience members and arrange for them to meet with princes from neighboring kingdoms. Will the bewildered princesses find their true love among the princes dancing to win their hearts?

Performance Characteristics

Fun interaction, audience members become the leading characters!
All audiences will enjoy and directly experience this performance as the story blurs the line between classical dances and street dances, while featuring various genres. The show follows a comedic performance formula providing fun, live entertainment that better engages the audience. Furthermore, actors invite audience members to directly engage in the performance so that they will bring their exciting theater experiences back home with them.
A happy performance involving artists of various genres 
Many dancers from different genres (ballet, poppin dance, b-boying, tap dance) and actors collaborate to build a story that highlights their characters. Dancers invite certain audience members onto the stage to complete the story.
An enjoyable performance where audience members become the leading characters
This refreshing performance invites audience members to actively participate in the story and forget about their hectic life for a while. Four top dancers will do a beautiful dance and then propose to one audience member who will take the leading role of the day. 
Nobody knows the ending of this open-ended show. Who will the audience choose?
This is a live performance where the leading character changes according to who audiences choose after the dance and proposal by four princes.


Title : HI MASK
Genre : Non-verbal
Dates :2020. 08. 02 ~ 2020. 10. 25
Sun 14:00 / 2020. 10. 09 (Hangeul Proclamation Day) Special Performance 14:00 * No show on Mon - Sat
Venue : Confucian Land Circular 3D Theater  (346-53, Gwangwangdanji-ro, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do)
Ticket Prices : All seats 24,000 won
Running Time : 60 mins [intermission □ yes ■ no]]
Content Rating : All ages
Cast : Aniunbold Bilgude / Namsrai Mendbayar / Danylichev Danylo / Choi Jinho / Kim Donghyun / Kang Hyeonseong / Park Eunseong / Kim Myeonghun / Kwon Minu / Woo Manje / Shin Useong / Bekmuratov Salamat / Kim Taehun / Yang Jongho
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