Seung-woo comes Gatsby to earn money.
He is referred by Jae-hyeon, a distant relative and the bar host at Gatsby.
Jae-hyeon suggests Seung-woo to stay with Ju-no, the ace host of Gatsby. 
With the help of Ju-no, Min-hyeok, and Alex from the team M, Seung-woo slowly adjusts to life at Gatsby. Strangely enough, Jae-hyeon did not invite Seung-wooto simply work with the team. He wanted Seung-woo to monitor and report every move that Ju-no makes. As it turned out, Ju-no is Ji-won's ex-lover, who is now dating Jae-hyeon while Ju-no and Ji-won still have an on-going relationship. Seung-woo hides Ju-no and Ji-won's relationship while being mentally suffocated by Jae-hyeon. Five young men with shaky soul live day to day. They pursue a value of reality they cannot escape from. Fidelity, betrayal, romance, decadence, dream, reality, moral, extravagance, jealousy, hope, grace, unknown values of reality, flashy, vanity, rampage, speed, disappearance, cheat and be cheated, kill and be killed. These words describe the days of their lives.

Performance Characteristics

Musical Beastie selected by CJ Creative Minds in 2012
This musical is based on the original movie Beastie Boys, 2008 by director Yoon Jong-bin, starring actors Ha Jung-woo and Yoon Kye-sang. The story is about the desperate lives of five men who pursue the inescapable values of reality but on the surface, they are just good-looking young men living a fancy life. One’s greed knows no limit. When the greed is satisfied, another desire will arise and the never-ending loop of desire will only lead someone to collapse. The musical tells the story of each person’s hidden desires through the lives of five men who fall to the bottom.


Title : Beastie
Genre : Musical
Dates : 2020. 08. 30 ~ 2020. 11. 15
Tue, Thu, Fri 20:00 / Wed 16:00, 20:00  Sat, Sun 14:00, 18:00
Venue : Daehakro Seokyeong University Performing Arts Center SKON 1 (148, Dongsung-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Prices : R seat 66,000won / S seat 44,000won
Running Time : 100mins [intermission □ yes ■ no]
Content Rating : Age 14+
Cast : Kim Jonggu / Jeong Donghwa / Jung Min / Park Gyuwon /
 Jo Pungrae / An Changyong / Son Yudong / Gu Junmo / Hong Seungan / Jo Hun / Park Jeongwon / Song Gwangil / Park Junhwi
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