September 27 (Monday) – October 29 (Friday),
2021, areas around Daehakro

2021 Daehakro Performance Arts Tourism Festival

Welcome Daehakro

September and October 2021


Daehakro, also known as Korea’s Broadway, offers all types of cultural arts and performing arts including musicals, plays, and nonverbal performance 24/7, 365 days a year.



Welcome Daehakro is a festival offering various genres of Korea’s performing arts including nonverbal performances, traditional performances, musicals, and plays in Daehakro. Since its first festival in 2017, it has been providing memorable performances each fall for the Korean people and foreign tourists at Daehakro. 2021 Welcome Daehakro has partnered up with the local commercial district of Daehakro for the many works of performing arts. In 2021, we will start with the Welcome K-STAGE (online performance), followed by many other programs such as the Welcome Show (opening ceremony), Welcome Theater (a string of performances provided at a single location), Daehakro Showcase, Rooftop LIVE Concert, and a Fan meeting with musical stars. Welcome Daehakro is a platform-type festival of the “Welcome Daehakro” brand. With the partnership of various organizations and groups, strategic location of Daehakro, and overseas marketing of the performing arts content, Welcome Daehakro aims to become one of the most renowned performance arts tourism festivals in Asia. Please show us your passionate support for the 2021 Welcome Daehakro that will provide you with a vast range of programs!