The finale of the festival


October 30 (Sunday)
Time Performance Title Location
14:30~14:50 Musical <Drumcat> Marronnier Park outdoors performance hall and square
14:25~14:50 Nonverbal <Jump>
15:15~15:40 Nonverbal <Becoming an Astronaut>
15:40~16:05 Nonverbal <Chef>
16:05~16:30 Musical <Remember the Gingerbread House>
16:30~16:55 Nonverbal <Only You>
16:55~17:20 Creative Pan Gut <Hit it! Bang Bump>
17:20~17:45 Cross-over Concert <REBOOT-Restart>
17:45~18:10 Musical <Arthur Rimbaud>
18:10~18:30 Musical <Sun & Moon>
18:30~18:50 Calligraphy Performance <Geulssi-dang>
18:50~19:20 Awards Ceremony
19:20~20:00 Musical Gala