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Introduction of WELCOME DAEHAKRO


WELCOME DAEHAKRO is a festival that takes place in Daehakro, featuring various genres of Korean performances including nonverbal performances, traditional performances, musicals, plays, and more. Since its beginning in 2017, the festival has been greeting Korean and overseas tourists at Daehakro every fall.

2022 WELCOME DAEHAKRO partnered up with local stores around the Daehakro area in relation to various performances during the festival. In 2022, we have prepared various programs starting with Re:Boot! Daehakro (Preliminary boom-up outdoors festival), WELCOME THEATER (Consecutive performances at a single theater), WELCOME K-STAGE (Online performances), WELCOME ROAD SHOW (Opening ceremony), WELCOME FRINGE (Street performances), WELCOME PLUS (Performances during the festival), and WELCOME CLOSING PARTY.

WELCOME DAEHAKRO is a platform-type festival with <WELCOME DAEHAKRO> as a festival brand. We collaborate with many related organizations and groups to make the festival a major performance tourism festival in Asia by promoting “Daehakro” as a location and promote Korean performances to the world.

We would like to ask for your continued support and participation in 2022 WELCOME DAEHAKRO that features a wide range of programs.

Introduction of Ambassadors

  • Monika, PR Ambassador of WELCOME DAEHAKRO 2022 'Monika'

    Daehakro is a place where passion blooms and
    the valuable time of artists is held.
    Welcome Daehakro!

Introduction of Major Programs

2022 DAEHAKRO Performance Tourism Festival ‘WELCOME DAEHAKRO’