Participating Performance


Das Musical, “REBECCA”

The performance beyond perfection, Das Musical “REBECCA”
Breath-taking turn around! Overwhelming suspense!
A masterpiece that swept awards both at home and abroad!
Das Musical, “REBECCA” has been hailed by over 1.6 million audience and is ready to impress you once again.

Musical, “BEN-HUR”

An reinterpretation of an all time classic!
August 2017 – the very time to encounter “BEN-HUR” at a musical stage

Musical, “HEDWIG”

Musical, “Hedwig”– one of the best and popular musical in Korea is coming back with its new season for 2017
With streamlined visual elements and stories, Hedwig is coming back with novelty and excitement!

Musical, “Seopyeonje”

With more passion and perfection,
the greatest musical of Korea, Musical, “Seopeyonje” is coming back!
The musical that the audience has long been waiting for, the musical that tells about story of life!
Musical, “Seopyeonje” is coming back in 2017!

Musical “GloomyDay”

Crucial conflict! Mesmerizing melody!
Suspense that would keep all eyes of audience! Absorptive power of story!
Overwhelming ive music played by string instruments!
Musical, “Gloomy Days” is coming back for its fourth performance season in 2017!

Non-verbal Performance

Non-verbal Performance,

“PANGSHO” is an interacyive performance program inspired from one of the popular K-drama, “Bread, Love and Dreams (제빵왕 김탁구). Audience can enjoy performance and view of Seoul cruising Han River, as well as take part in baking.

Non-verbal Performance,
“Painters Hero”

The World’s First! The World’s Only! A Live Painting Performance!
For 2014, 2015, and 2016, the performance attracted the largest number of audience, and more than 1 million global audience for the first time in Korea’s performing arts history!
A fantasy in both Seoul and Jeju to draw attention from around the globe! The masterpiece created by 4 painters for 75 minutes of time!

Non-verbal Musical,

A reinterpretation of Korean traditional music, gugak, infusing all of culture and arts to thus create a piece of fantastic music!

A timeless love story from two families.


It’s time to wash off what’s being stained in you life.

The stage that you can relate your life with.
The drama shares stories of everybody around us.

The Signature Performance Of National Gugak Theater, “KOKDU”

A perfect combination of cinema and drama – a dynamic adventure to the world of fantasy!
A reinvention of Kokdu directed by Kim Tae Yong “to open a ground for elegance, dignity, rigor and confidence to blend with children running around throughout the play.”
Starring Actor Cho Hee Bong, child actress Kim Su An, Actor Shim Jae Hyeong and 90 other member performers and players of National Gugak Center.

Musical, “NANTA”

The performance that is made in Korea, and has been moving hearts of audience from around the globe since 1997 – “NANTA”
The very first non-verbal performance in Korea that has been inspired from samulnori, Korean traditional drumbeat music, to depict everyday lives with humor!
Since the first performance in October 1997, it has been showcased in 310 cities in 57 countries, positioning to be the first performance attracting over 1,300 audience. The achievement, indeed, is what only a long-running performance and continues to march on to set new records!

Traditional Drama Series Of Jeongdong Theater,
“Lotus, AFlower Comes Out Once More”

Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More, presented by Jeongdong Theater
This is a performance presented by Jeongdong Theater with a deft combination of royal court dance from Joseon period, beautiful harmony of Korean traditional instruments and decorative Korean traditional costume that thus conveys the essence of Korean traditional culture. This is a love story of the outstanding dancer of the royal court, Seoryeon, and is one of the most popular non-verbal performance among audience from both home and abroad.

Musical, “CHEF: new brand of BIBAP”

A streamlined version of BIBAP – Musical, “CHEF: New brand of BIBAP”
Eight “chefs” came together to show off their skills in beatbox, b-boying, acapella, and even comedy! The chefs, with their BIBAP restaurant, are ready to welcome audience for this 100% real time interactive performance.

Comic Martial Arts Performance “JUMP”

Applauded in 160 cities in 90 countries including London and New York, JUMP is a piece with a good combination of martial arts, acrobatic and humor. This non-verbal performance deftly describes episodes of martial arts master family facing burglars breaking into their house with wits and humor, and is indeed a good entertainment for audience of all ages, and thus family-friendly.

Non-verbal B-boying Musical,

KUNG FESTIVAL – Korea’s No. 1 non-verbal musical themed around dance
Non-verbal musical themed around b-boying at the world’s first theater designated for b-boying performance by Korea’s proud b-boys who have positioned themselves as iconic cultural figures!
Be part of series of festive moments with b-boys seeking their dream and friendship!

Nonverbal Performance

Aspiring to become firemen, candicates from diverse background are flocking to the training center.

In preparation against fire, they are training to extinguish fire, and dash through hurdles and fire to rescue. Yet they’re still making mistakes and love to play pranks.
Fingers crossed to see whether they become true firemen.