Participating Shows


The King we dreamed for! The puppet King Ido, who couldn’t be King.
Watch the events that unfold on this momentous day 600 years ago!

<Rocky Horror Show>

The mother of all cult musicals, the Rocky Horror Show, is a B-grade musical with extraordinary composition and storyline. A houseful of wild and delightful characters from an alien planet are living in Frank N. Furter’s mansion. The musical presents their radical honesty, panache and intensity to break down hypocrisy, pretense and prejudice.

<The Bridges of Madison County>

Tony Award winner, Drama Desk Award for Best Composer and Outstanding Orchestrations! The one and only love story that touches our hearts! The Bridges of Madison County, the musical.

<Barnum : The Greatest Showman>

An amazing convergence of a musical and a circus! Presenting a 2018 magical show that will deliver laughter, hope and dreams and touch your hearts! 

<The Man in the Iron Mask>

A king chosen by god and a fierce revolution.
The return of the “we are one” three musketeers and their unfinished legend!
The first release of the next chapter of their story!

Das Musical

After a 3 year wait, the empress that shook Korea is here! 
A masterpiece you cannot resist, Elisabeth the musical. 

<The Man Who Laughs>

A musical based on Victor Hugo’s novel.
The story takes place in 17th century England and is about Gwynplaine, a man with a pure heart but a disfigured and crooked grin.

Jeongdong Theater
<The Palace : Tale of Jang Noksu>

Audiences cannot resist Jang Noksu, the daring Cinderella of Joseon, who captivates us with her daring qualities!
This dance drama depicts the mesmerizing movements of Jang Noksu,
Joseon’s most talented artist who desired power! A musical of absolute elegance, one of Korea’s best traditional performances.
The Palace : Jang Noksu is brought to you by Jeongdong Theater.

A sweet romantic play
〈One Dramatic Night〉

The no. 1 relatable romantic comedy, A Dramatic Night, has captivated the hearts of 350,000 people.

<Finding Mr. Destiny>

12 years since its release, this has become an iconic performance about first loves!
Korea’s main romantic comedy musical Finding Mr. Destiny!

Non-verbal performance

One hour is the time allotted to three charming chefs and their young niece to prepare an amazing wedding party! Continually loved by all audiences! Global tour in 314 cities in 58 countries! Nanta continues to break records even at this moment!

Music drama
<Only You>

An omnibus performance featuring the life journey of a married couple living in Gyeongsang-do Province from year 5 to 37.
This is a musical drama that audiences can relate to as they listen to 90s K-pop that bring alive their memories.

A national play

“An exciting turn of events when a soft-hearted man’s day is changed by his lies.”
Have you still not seen the national play, Liar, chosen by 5.3 million people? 


Korea’s first original musical illustrating the life of the genius French poet Arthur Rimbaud, the man with the soles of wind.

A romantic play
<Love Score>

A sentimental and romantic play that will awaken your senses to love.
A heart-warming story about two very different people – a man and a woman – who live together and fall in love through music!

<Little Jack Band Concert>

A story of a man singing about a ‘moment’ that has become forever.
The motif of the musical is Hwang Sun-won’s short story ‘Rain Shower,’ the most beautiful story in Korea’s history of literature.
A love story in the memories of all boys and girls in the world.
Singing of the memory of first love.

<My Bucket List>

It is a miracle we are alive today.
An original musical about the journey of finding meaning in life.
It depicts GangGu (a punk lost in life) and terminally-ill, HaeGi, who meet by chance and check off items on their bucket list.

A dating coaching play

Ordered by the Great Jade Emperor, the god of childbirth is suddenly dropped from the sky one day.
A delightful story that adds an element of fantasy to an otherwise ordinary life! This play coaches couples on the art dating and has newly opened in Daehak-ro!


This well produced original musical, Vanishing, was sold out during its first performance in 2017! Set in Gyeongseong in 1921, events unfold when two medical students, Uisin and Myeongryeol, meet Vampire K.


The musical that provides the warmest healing comfort, moving our hearts once again through deeper and delicate emotions.

A national musical
<Love comes with the rain>

The pride of Korea’s original musicals and loved for 25 years.
A small yet deeply moving and inspirational musical created with only three characters.

<Let’s Dance, CRAZY!!_SACHOOM2>

Sachoom, a performance which has persistently aspired to be the original Dancecal with 5,000 performances spanning over 13 years, is reborn with season 2, Let’s Dance, CRAZY!!

〈CHEF : New brand of BIBAP〉

100% live beatbox with no special effects or pre-recording! Energetic b-boying expressing the process of cooking! The musical, CHEF, is a combination of fantastic visual elements and rich sound!

<Shear Madness>

A comedic murder mystery that involves the audience in solving the mystery committed that day! Who do you think is the killer?


A performance that makes us think about the importance of “friends” from the many emotions we experience under the name of “friendship”!


Released in 2018, Equus is the Shilhum Theater Group’s most fierce play of the era.
A solid masterpiece that is recognized over time and for centuries! The great playwriter Peter Shaffer’s Equus continues to amaze the world.

<Oh! While You Were Sleeping>

What happened to Choi Byeongho while everyone was asleep?
The legendary original musical of Korea’s small theater scene!
Daehak-ro’s no. 1 musical from 2005!! Winner of the Korean Best Musical Awards, Best Original Screenplay and Best Lyrics!
*Only Japanese subtitles available

<A Rooftop Cat>

No. 1 ticket sales for 7 consecutive years, a first for an original play! The most recommended play in Daehak-ro! A Rooftop Cat.

<The Art of Seduction>

No.1 romantic comedy chosen by 1 million audience members.
Final edition of the Art of Seduction series!

<The Art of Seduction>

Rated the best romantic comedy of Daehak-ro, with over 1 million audience member, and chosen by couples as the most enjoyable play! Holding the position as the show with the highest ticket sales, The Art of Seduction!


One of Korea’s main performance that has moved the hearts of audiences in 90 countries across the world, JUMP.
An entertaining performance full of exciting martial arts, powerful acrobatics with live action and excellent comedic acting! JUMP is full of excitement with dynamic body movements that will delight audiences with sidesplitting laughter! 

<Line 1>

Rock musical Line 1 on show once again after its 4,001st performance.

Fusion drama
<KOREA Simcheong>

See the story of a devoted daughter, Simcheong, and her father performed through traditional Korean music (gugak) and dance.
A global content that can be enjoyed by audiences worldwide, KOREA Simcheong! 

Non-verbal musical
<Kung Festival>

This best non-verbal dance musical, Kung Festival, has amazed the world.
An upgraded non-verbal b-boy musical performed at the world’s first b-boy theater!!


Patients with different types of compulsive disorders are waiting for Dr. Stan who is stuck at the airport.
Tired of waiting, the patients start group therapy themselves. Will they be able to finish the therapy?
*Only Japanese subtitles available

A Recitation musical

Farinelli captivated many with his heavenly voice.
This is a story of his sad destiny, which was concealed from his glamorous life!
Lascia ch’io pianga fully delivered in Farinelli.

Non-verbal performance

A non-verbal comedic performance portraying our everyday heroes, firefighters. A captivating story about firefighters in training.

Gugak musical
<Fanta stick>

Beautiful music with an intense performance.
A fantastic love story, an original Gugak musical, Fanta-Stick

Non-verbal performance
<Pang Show>

A variety show featuring “Bread, Love and Dreams”.
Cruise along the Han River while enjoying fun and exciting performances, the PANGSHOW! Pang Pang Cruise.

Non-verbal performance
<The Painters HERO>

Critically acclaimed fantastic artistic performance! The Painters HERO.
This surprising performance, with many twists, portrays 4 painters who come together to create a masterpiece in 75 minutes!


A magical hour of captivating performances! HI MASK!
A grandfather, a father and a son visit a world mask museum.
The key to a new world is M.A.S.K.
Dreams become reality when the masks are worn. HI MASK.