Special performance for foreigners

Special events for foreigners! 
14:00, Saturday, 13 October 2018
Daehak-ro JTN Art Hall 1
Global fan meeting with honorary ambassador Kai
19:00, Saturday, 13 October 2018
(After main performance)
Blue Square Interpark Hall
Musical <The Man Who Laughs> & Special event
18:00, Sunday, 28 October 2018
(After main performance)
National Museum of Korea Theater YONG
Musical <1446> & Special event

Non-verbal special performances

Enjoy the festival of Korea’s major non-verbal and musical performances at the Marronnier Park
2018.10.21 (Sun) 15:00 ~ 18:00
Marronnier Park outdoor stage and park areas
Six non-verbal performances 

Non-verbal performance 〈Pang Show〉

Musical 〈JUMP〉

Non-verbal musical 〈Kung Festival〉

Musical 〈CHEF : New brand of BIBAP〉

Hi Mask

DanceCal <Let's Dance, CRAZY!! SACHOOM2>