Viral Video Clip Of Welcome Daehak-ro Festival

Promotion Video Clip Of Welcome Daehak-ro Festival

Performance With  Language
Subtitle Servivce

Enjoy the most popular musical shows in Daehak-ro in 4 languages!
Tablet PCs are provided for language subtitle services in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English


Enjoy 4 performance in one location!
10.20(Fri) – 10.21(Sat) 15:00 – 21:00 | Dongsung Small Theater at Dongsung Art Center
Family Plays, BRUSH
Musical, Behind the Mirror
Concert BLSG HealingConcert

Musical Shows & Talk Show With Fans

Post-performance Talk Show With Fans And Performers!
틱틱붐 포스터
여신님이보고계셔 포스터

International Seminar
On Performing Arts Tourism

International Seminar On Promotion Of Daehak-ro And
Role Of Performing Arts Tourism
Date: Sept. 28, 2017(Thu) 14:00~18:00
Venue: JTN Art Hall
Topic: Promotion And Marketing Daehak-ro As An Pivotal Location Of Planning And Production Of Performing Arts, And Global Marketing Of Performing Arts and Related Contents
semina time table01
semina time table02

Ticket Box For Welcome Daehak-ro

A ticket box office will be opened to offer convenient reservation service for visitors to “Welcome Daehak-ro”.
It provides detailed information on performance including schedule, reservation and location.
Up to 55% discount for on-site purchase
Welcome Daehak-ro souvenir goods are offered for customers purchasing tickets on site.
· Ticket Box | Theater Cafe, Daehakro Arts Theater 1F
· Opening Hours | 13:00 – 20:00 (closed on Chuseok and Mondays)
· For Inquiries | 1544-1555
A vast variety of souvenir goods from Korean performance is to be offered for sale at Welcome Daehak-ro Ticket Box.
Welcome Daehak-ro Ticket Box closed for Chuseok, Oct.4 (Wed)