People of different personalities come to the firefighter training center.
They learn and train how to put out fires. They do not hesitate to run and jump to save people trapped in buildings. However, they are still excited and playful trainees who make endless mistakes. Can they overcome all the hardship and be a true “fireman”?

Performance Characteristics

“<Fireman> is about heroes who quietly protect and save our lives in real life, rather than about imaginary heroes or those in movies. Fireman is a story of trainee firefighters and about how they grow into true firefighters together. They are harmlessly innocent and they like fun. The musical shows the audience how the trainees learn to be tougher and more serious about their job.”


Title : Fireman
Genre : Non-verbal
Dates : Open Run / Mon-Sat :15:30 pm / 18:00 pm Sun / Holiday : 18:00 pm
Venue : Myungbo Art Hall (B3F, 47, Mareunnae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Prices : 50,000 won / R seat, 40,000 won / S seat
Content Ratings : Age 4+
Running Time : 75 mins
Produced by : -
Subtitle : -
Contact : +82-2-6271-1190