Sun & Moon



The country’s most talented local artists play Korean instruments – gayageum, haegeum, daegeum, sogeum, janggu and ajaeng. Directed by Kolleen Park, this new type of non-verbal performance captivates the eyes and ears of audience members with a stage that presents a crossover of nine music genres like traditional gugak, EDM and others. The great performances and fascinating techniques will entertain audience members as there are no cultural or language barriers. Gugak tunes, powerful performances, holographic projections and blinding, flamboyant lights will present audience members with top of the line new media arts and seize their attention till the end. Powerful and lively gugak is combined with modern music genres such as rock, pop and electronic music to create a new art form where tradition meets and goes beyond modern times.

Performance Characteristics

Industry 4.0 converges with culture on the stage Along with the projection system, Ploynet, a holographic screen that projects 3D hologram images is used to present the audience with a mysterious and fantastic stage where traditional tunes converge with state-of-the-art projection techniques.
A performance enjoyed by the eyes and ears!
Audience members take part in this interactive stage by producing natural sounds with everyday objects as well as by playing sounds synchronous to images (foley performance).
Tradition meets futurism!
Modern music genres (techno pop and EDM) meet with the dynamic movements and powerful rhythms of ogomu (five-drum dance). Ogomu performed with metal-framed drums will be a new acoustic experience for those who are familiar with traditional ogomu.


Title : Sun & Moon
Genre : Non-verbal
Dates : Open Run / Weekdays 17:00 / Sat 14:00, 17:00 / Sun, Holidays 17:00
Venue : Sun & Moon Theater, Kyunghyang Art Hill (3, Jeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Prices : 60,000 won / VIP seat 50,000 won / R seat 40,000 won / S seat
Content Ratings : Age 5+ (Age 13 or under must be accompanied by an adult)
Running Time : 75 mins
Produced by : Kiwi Media Group
Subtitle : -
Contact : +82-2-769-4779