A fun baking experience on the beautiful Han River with baking master Palbong’s apprentices.
Remember you’ve got to trust yourself when making bread as master Palbong says.
A question is raised, “Can we make bread on a boat on the Han River this time?”
This is our answer to the question, “We can bake anytime anywhere. Our baking will be fun and exciting as always. This time will not be different!!”
The show delivers a message that we can do it if we trust one another and work together.

Performance Characteristics

The baking experience program can accommodate up to 180 people at one time. A piece of well fermented bread dough (160g) is provided to each baking experience participant. The participants get help from professional bakers (actors) and make their own bread. It takes bread 40 minutes to rise in the fermentation room and be baked in the oven. In the meantime, the participants enjoy the performances put on by actors who actively interact with audience members on the sailing cruise. Back in the baking experience room, your own piece of freshly baked bread is now ready. Taste it now, or take it home and enjoy!


Genre : Non-verbal
Dates : Open Run / Everyday 17:00, 20:00 * Open Year-round
Venue : E-LAND Cruise, Terminal 1 (280, Yeouidong-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Prices : 38,000 won
Content Ratings : All ages
Running Time : 110 mins
Produced by : TOUCHSKY
Subtitle : -
Contact : +82-2-722-4400