Suspicious Detective Agency 1



Oh Sang-woo is an unemployed bum who is “preparing” for a state exam and he has the ability to see ghosts. Sang-woo coincidentally meets with Kim Dong-yeon, an elite business major; and Oh Deok-hee, who dreams to become a cartoonist...and they start a brilliant business. They complete the unfinished business of souls who were surprised with a sudden death!
Sang-woo opens a shady detective agency and starts their business…

Performance Characteristics

Daehak-ro’s one and only comedy drama that is not only hilarious but also super touching. Suspicious Detective Agency is a performance suitable for the whole family and has been loved by audience members since 2010. Always listed as the Top 5 plays in Korea, Suspicious Detective Agency is now the pride of Korea's original theater.


Title : Suspicious Detective Agency 1
Genre : Play
Dates : Open Run / Mon, Tue, Thu 15:00, 17:30 / Wed- Fri 15:00, 17:30, 20:00 / Sat, Sun 12:00, 14:30, 17:00, 19:30
Venue : Susanghan Heungshinso Exclusive Hall (79, Daehak-ro 8ga-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Prices : 35,000 won
Content Ratings : Age 13+
Running Time : 100 mins
Produced by : EMF Co.
Subtitle : -
Contact : +82-2-744-7420