Three youngsters gather together with the dream of forming a rock band…but they are surrounded by police in the midst of a clumsy bank robbery attempt.
They quickly hide the money bag before being sent off to jail. Later, they escape thanks to a rather odd idea…
Based on the real story of “Guns N’ Roses”!
Always running towards their dream but will they be able to turn their life around?

Performance Characteristics

Ranked no. 1 in family preference, Prison is a musical that can be enjoyed by everyone from children to grandparents. The musical tells a story of passionate youngsters who never quit till they achieve their dream.
The final concert scene is the most impressive. The audience may even be deluded into thinking they are attending a rock concert


Title : Prison
Genre : Musical
Dates : September 1, 2010 - Open Run / Weekdays (Tue - Fri) 20:00 / Weekends (Sat) 15:00, 18:00 / (Sun, Holidays) 15:00
Venue : Isu Art Hall (58, Ihwajang-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Prices : 50,000 won
Content Ratings : Age 7+
Running Time : 100 mins
Produced by : ISU Entertainment
Subtitle : -
Contact : +82-1661-3124