One More



I realized love after going through an endless "today".
Yu-tan is the leader and the vocalist of the indie band One More Time.Even though he organized the band with his dreams and passion, he now feels exhausted by the weight of life. He even feels that his girlfriend Da-in whom he has been dating for 7 years, and his old friend named Jin-guk are burdensome.
One day, he receives a casting offer from a large entertainment management agency along with a huge amount of earnest money. After thinking over what to do, he decides to break up the band and says good-bye to his girlfriend and all those years he spent with her.
He believes he completely settled all matters but soon realizes that he is trapped in the endless day of October 4.
Yu-tan wanders endlessly in the never-ending day.
What makes him spend the same day again and again? The same day is repeated every day.
Yu-tan falls under a mysterious time spell along with Da-in, his father and a tarot reader. Will Yu-tan be able to escape from "today"?
A romantic fantasy that will wet our emotions in the fall of 2019.
Musical<One More>

Performance Characteristics

Idol stars, Yu-na from AOA and Hyo-eun from Stellar, debut as musical actresses!
Full cast include respected veteran musical actor Yoo Je-yoon; super rookie of Daehak-ro Hwang Min-su; gentle and attractive new face Kim Jin-wook; talented actress and powerful singer Moon Jin-ah; along with other capable cast members Won Jong-hwan, La Jun, Kim A-young, and Kim Eun-ju; as well as idol stars Yu-na from AOA and Hyo-eun from Stellar!
Wonderful cast members consisting of both old-timers and rookies bring forth diverse charms and a vibrant energy!


Title : One More
Genre : Musical
Dates : September7-October27,2019 / Weekdays 20:00 * Closed on Mon / Sat 15:00, 19:00 / Sun 14:00, 18:00
Venue : Theater 2, Dongyang Arts Center (27, Daehak-ro 14-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Prices : 60,000 won / R seat, 45,000 won / S seat
Content Ratings : Age 12+
Running Time : 90 mins
Produced by : SangSangMaru
Subtitle : -
Contact : +82-2-6956-3370