Let's Dance Crazy_SACHOOM2



A coming of age story about three friends –
Jun, Sun and Bin – and their passion for dance.
Beautiful tango and jive embody the love of two lovers, which is soon followed by the emotional birth of a new baby.
Some people call them troublemakers, but they are just innocent kids and they grow up so fast. Growing together, the kids experience growing pains through love, jealousy and frustration, all of which are aptly expressed in collision and harmony between hip hop and modern dance.
Breakup is always painful but Jun’s passion for dance helps him get over the pain.
Jun finally makes it to the top as a dancer.
The performance of Jun and other young dancers is unbelievably superb.
Dance is a thing to enjoy, not a thing to sit and watch.
Enjoy it as if you were crazy...
“Let’s dance, be crazy”

Performance Characteristics

Subtitles in four languages are available on screen.
80 minutes of non-verbal dance covering hip hop, break dance, jazz, tango, urban dance, modern dance, and tricking…
The performance is full of young dancers’ passion and powerful energy. Join the dancers and be part of the show, making the performance even more passionate.


Title : Let's Dance Crazy_SACHOOM2
Genre : Musical
Dates : February 20, 2019 - Open Run / Weekdays (Wed - Fri) 20:00 / Weekends (Sat) 15:00, 19:00 / (Sun, Holidays) 15:00
Venue : Mimagi Art Center Nunbit Theater (17, Hyehwa-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul)
Ticket Prices : 50,000 won
Content Ratings : Age 7+
Running Time : 80 mins
Produced by : DOBECOM
Subtitle : -
Contact : +82-2-3676-7616