Welcome Showfree admission

Welcome Show

Date : September 10, 2019 (Tue)
Venue : Special Stage in Marronnier Park, Daehak-ro

A special singalong event where a gala show of numerous performances will be on stage. Various songs and performances will be presented to enthusiastic musical fans.

Daehakro Outdoor Performancesfree admission

Daehakro Outdoor Performances

Date : September 21, 2019 (Sat)
Venue : Car-free streets in daehak-ro

Enjoy numerous outdoor performances played by different performing teams on different streets in Daehak-ro, all of which lead to Marronnier Park, the heart of Daehak-ro.

Special Non-verbal Performancesfree admission

Special Non-verbal Performances

Date : October 06, 2019 (Sun)
Venue : Special Stage in Marronnier Park, Daehak-ro

Various non-verbal performances are gathered in one place! Don’t miss this special opportunity to meet a variety of non-verbal performances, which are normally staged in major theaters scattered around downtown Seoul, in one location, All the performances come together at Marronnier Park in Daehak-ro.
8 teams : Drum cat, PANGSHOW, CHEF, FANTA-STICK, Sun & Moon, Jump, KUNG, PAINTERS

Special Performances for Foreigners - Fan Meeting with K-Musical Star

Fan Meeting with K-Musical Star

Date : October 21, 2019 (Mon)
Venue : YES24 Stage 2, Daehak-ro

Lee Kyuhyung, a popular K-musical actor who stars in various Daehak-ro musicals and K-dramas will meet with international fandom. On this special date, his fans will have the opportunity to listen to his singing and stories in person.

Special Performances for Foreigners

Special Performances for Foreigners

Date : September – mid-October, 2019
Venue : Musical theaters in Seoul

This special program for foreigners offers a chance for international visitors to enjoy large-scale musicals like <Ben-Hur>, <Marie Antoinette> and <Sejong, 1446>, and allows them to meet with star actors and to make fond memories in Seoul.

Musical Ben-Hur

Musical Ben-Hur
Dates : (Sat) 14. Sep. 19:00

Musical Marie Antoinette

Musical Marie Antoinette
Dates : (Tue) 24. Sep. 19:00

Musical Sejong, 1446

Musical Sejong, 1446
Dates : (Sun) 20. Oct. 18:30
Venue : Theater YONG

Welcome Daehak-ro Honorary Ambassador

Welcome Daehak-ro Honorary Ambassador – Musical actor Kai

Welcome Daehak-ro Honorary Ambassador – Musical actor Kai

Kai, one of the most talented and elite vocalists in Korea, received a master’s degree from the department of vocal music at Seoul National University, the most prestigious university in Korea. He also completed a doctoral course at the same university. He starred in <Xcalibur>, <Ben-Hur>, <Phantom> and other performances to critical acclaim and recognition for his vocal talent and acting skills. He has appeared at concerts as well as on various TV shows and has hosted a radio program.